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Mar. 14th, 2007

Today was crazy hectic at work. I felt like I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. But I learned stuff too, and I'm getting alot better at adding insurance's to the patient profile, so go me. Then, of course, after a crazy day at work, I come home to find my hospital bill. Yeah, that bill I got the other day for the CT scan, that was just for the reading. It actually cost (the ct alone) close to $1000. The bill from the hospital comes close to $4000, and that doesn't even include the doctor's bill and any other random "interpretation" bills they're gonna pull outta there ass. So tomorrow I'm gonna try calling the hospitals financial assist line. We'll see how that goes. I may end up in the hospital again from all the damn stress and I'll probably give myself a heart attack. I just know it. I'm starting to freak now, cause its actually real with the papers in front of me, or whatever. I'm still hoping that in some awesome twist of fate, I've been covered under my dad's insurance all along, and they'll swoop in and take care of all this once I give the hospital the insurance info. But I know this is not true, so yeah. But honestly, there's really not much I can do. I physically can't give them all of their money, so even if they decided they're not even gonna allow installment payments (which I'm sure they have to at least let me pay in installments) there's no way their getting all their money anyway. And my parents are helping me pay, but this is just so craptacular and I don't know what to do. I feel like such an ass now. I should have just stayed home, layed in bed, drank a gallon of water, and eaten a banana. And I would have saved thousands of dollars. But no, I got freaked out and scared, cause I've never passed out before and didn't know why I was passing out, and now? Well, yeah. I'm probably gonna be completely broke until I graduate. This really sucks. And I can't even begin to emphasize that enough.

On a completely random note, subway trivia part 2. Did you know that there is a website devoted to the benefits of eating fish? Want more info? Check out www.NYSeafood.org.

A day of learning

I learned many things today. Firstly, that it sucks having to count out change, because the bagel place won't take credit unless you have a $5 purchase. (note to self, must start carrying around more cash). I also found said bagel place and discovered that it's a great place to catch breakfast when I arrive to work 1/2 early (in today's case, 1/2 hour before they open). Learned how sucky getting a large order is, how to fill the Rx's in que, how to do the on-call inventory (I know that's not what its called, I just can't figure out what to call it, when they email a list of drugs and want you to update the number on the gun, or something like that), how to do a return when they send you WAY too much of a drug, how much of a pain in the ass it is when they won't take back a specific drug that you got 24 boxes of and only one person uses because the drug was a sale item (of course it was a fucking sale item, it was for a damn maoi and NOBODY uses those anymore). I also learned that the financial district turns into a COMPLETELY different place on the weekends, and that if I want, I should bring cash on the weekends to purchase one of the many, many fake designer bags (lol). Also, learned that there's a huge post office that I walk by everyday, but to my surprise, I couldn't find a drop box for mail anywhere. Who the hell has ever seen a post office without a drop box for mail. And perhaps one of the most important things I learned today is that Jerry Orbach of Law & Order fame donated his eyes when he died a few years ago. Gotta love subway trivia. Perhaps I'll start posting a random thing from my subway rides everyday I work. That might be fun.
Holy shit, if only my dream last night were real. In this dream, we had apparently extended our spring break to include a trip to London. Cause apparently Jamie had a cousin there that we were all gonna visit. I dunno. But when we landed in London, the first thing we had to do was exchange our money. The line was crazy long, and Jamie was like, shit, its gonna be this way the entire time we're here. So we're waiting, and waiting, and all of the sudden I notice that Jude Law is in front of us, and Megan and Melissa have gone over to the side to talk or something. (Maybe they had to go to the bathroom?) Who knows. So anyway, Jude is saying goodbye to his girlfriend or whatever. And we move up behind him, and I'm acting all normal and not fangirly at all. I'm being so calm and just reading a brochure, when all of the sudden he turns to me and says "So Cheryl, who do you have a fancy for now?" And I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Apparently Megan and Melissa were talking about how "Cheryl is gonna freak when she sees him" or whatever, I don't actually know what they said, but when he heard them talking he asked them to point this Cheryl out. I was horrified. But we ended up talking the rest of the way in line and he was really nice. After we all got our currency changed, we headed over to Jamie's cousin's house and it was raining on the way. We get to the house and there's this huge fish thats flopping around outside, and we're just like ... . And the dream pretty much ended with us getting in the house and greeting everyone. But how cool would it be if we went to London. Haha... and met Jude Law, and I got to have a normal, not fangirly conversation with him. LOL.

Long overdue...

So, since I'm sitting here with 40 minutes left of work and absolutly nothing (barring, you know, studying for upcoming tests) to do, I'll try and update about everything that's happened in my life over the past 2 months, lol. So my job at Eckerd starts on Thursday and I could not be more excited. Seriously, its gonna be ridiculously awesome. I can't wait. I have to go to the district office and fill out some forms and "watch videos" on Tuesday morning, so I'll end up going to the afternoon dnd's, if I even make it back in time. I'm sure I will, but she was like, it could take all day depending on how long it takes to fill out the forms. What the hell are they having me fill out that would take THAT long to fill. Whatever people, whatever. Things seem to be going very well in my personal life too. I mean, I haven't screwed it up with John yet, which is kinda surprising given my track record, so yay. LOL. I really like him and he seems to really like me, so hopefully there will be some good that comes out of this. It's about damn time, haha. It's hard to keep in touch though when we both have busy work and class schedules. Damn school. He tried calling me earlier but I was at work with the crazy bitch woman, and I tried calling him back but then he was in class. So its back to text messaging, which truthfully, I'm getting quite sick of, haha. But I digress.

Quite looking forward to spring break in a little over a week. Holy crap thats soon. Sweet! It's the first real "Spring break" we've had, so we'll have to make the best of it. And then, after that, I unfortunatly have this hell to look forward to again. But perhaps with the new job, it'll be better for the sheer fact that I won't have to deal with that crazy bitch that drives me insane. That should help calm me down a little. Plus, it is closer to John, so I could see him after work or something, which would be nice. And its in Manhattan, holla! Haven't yet decided if it will be beneficial for me to buy a monthly metrocard or not. And if I do get the metrocard, I'm so taking the bus to school every morning, just cause I can, lmao.

Let's see... what else is there... Damn, even when good stuff happens to me I lead a boring life, lol. I can't think of anything. Eh, whatever. Perhaps if I updated more often I'd be able to throw in fun little anecdotes of my day, haha.

My dream house...

If anyone needs evidence of just how different pricing ranges for houses here are compared to where I'm from check this out:


4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, large living room and kitchen, etc... partially furnished basement. Only $104K. Seriously. And the house looks gorgeous from the outside. I want it, lol. Too bad its in Ohio, in which I never want to buy a house, lol.

ETA: Just realized the link doesn't work properly... but if you hit the like, retry button, and then hit listings at the top of the new page, it should be a little less than half way down the page. It's got a fun castle like touret and everything. In Bradford. It's perfect, lol.


Today was not a good day. Last night I went to bed early cause I felt like crap, and when I woke up this morning, I felt better, but was really tired. When I finally got up to take a shower, after my shower was over, I felt like I was gonna pass out. Like, really. Not a, oh, I'm gonna pass out, haha... but a holy fuck if I don't sit down right now I'm gonna smash my face on the floor. For serious. It was bad. I had to sit down on the bathtub after I got out and I had the towel wrapped around my hair, and for some reason the weight of the towel on my head was unbearable to me. It was like I had a cement block on my head instead of a towel. I walked back to my room and literally had to lay down for 10 minutes before I could even get dressed. I don't know wtf was wrong with me, but it scared the crap outta me. I layed in bed for about an hour before deciding that I felt better enough to go to work. And once I was at work, I was fine... a little headachy, but no more passing out feelings. On the way back from work I got a phone call from my mom that I really was dreading. My grandmother found out today that her melanoma had spread to her lymph nodes. I'm not sure how many lymph nodes are involved or the extent of which they are involved, but apparently, my mom says my grandmother is hopeful. She's having another surgery on Monday to remove the lymph nodes and then they're starting her on chemo. I really don't want to go through the cancer thing again. I know its almost inevitable at this point, but man. It's hard. I just pray that she comes out of it ok, really. With the lymph node involvement, there is much less of a chance of survival than without it. It puts her at a stage III. I'm really scared for her. It could be much worse, but it definatly isn't the best case scenario. Far from it. I also found out yesterday that my dad's cousin who had the stroke (it was a stroke, not a heart attack as my parents previously thought) was seemingly doing better on Sunday. He was sitting up and had his eyes open, although they didn't know if he could recognize anybody and he wasn't talking or anything, but they thought he was outta the woods for the time being and would continue to improve. On Monday, he had a fever of 107 (I'm not making this up) and his heart rate was 170. The thought he was having another stroke, but apparently he had some excess fluid in his abdomen that had become infected. So they did another surgery to remove the infected fluid, and they are not waiting to see how he recovers. Even if he has the best possible outcome he's still looking at at least a year's worth of therapy to overcome it. At least. I hope he comes out of it as best he can for his 3 kids. His dad's having a really hard time coping from it too. It's so hard to hear of everyone dealing with it. So right now, I'm in a severly depressed mood, cause, well, I just can't stop thinking of all of this horrible stuff. It probably doesn't help that I'm in an overly emotional mood right now anyway.

Sorry about the rambling, but I needed to get it all out.

Merry Christmas indeed!

*phew* What a day. But a good day it was. My dad woke us up at like 7:30 to open presents. So could have slept another hour, but whatev. Stumble out of bed... immediatly ask for coffee. FINALLY get to open the gift they've been taunting me about for months. My reaction went something like this: "No. You did not. Holy fucking shit. OMFG. *squeals* *jumps up and down* *thoroughly embarresses self*. Ahem... after I calmed down a bit, I realized I hadn't touched my coffee much yet. Yep, it had gotten cold. LOL. I also got a whole bunch of skins and covers for it, pretty awesome. Also got this weird alarm clock thing from my parents... not really sure about what it does. It kinda looks like one of those crappy fake PDA screens. I'll worry about that one later. Got a gift certificate to the mall and my brother got me the X-Men trilogy set...he cracked. Also won $12 in scratch off lotto tickets. So it was a pretty sweet morning. Went to my grandparents and had an amazing brunch, like always. Got hella money there, which is always cool, and had a great time catching up with my family. From there we went to my aunt and uncle's house for the afternoon and evening. Chatted for a while, snacked. Got more presents. :-D My uncle Chris drew my name for our little gift exchange thing and I got everything that I had asked for on my little index card, well, sorta. Got some pretty earrings, a really soft throw blanket and then a gift card to Kohls... which is always awesome. Then my grandmother got me a docking station/alarm clock thing for my iPod, so I'll have to take advantage of that. My brother was happy, cause just this morning he was mentioning having to buy that as one of his accessories, lol. My uncle Dan made these delicious hot apple ciders and rum.... yummm. Had ham for dinner... eh, but we also had green bean casserole, my uncle's baked beans, this cheesy corn thing and rolls. So I pretty much had a sliver of ham and filled up on the side dishes, lol. And of course, wine. My grandmother made her pies again and this time had a yummy chocolate pecan pie... Mmmm. I had such a blast there... and we were mostly just sitting and talking... and attacking my younger cousin with balls of wrapping paper. Her boyfriend came over and my uncle Chris... who mind you, is her uncle too, not her dad, was asking him things like, "So what are your intentions with my niece?" and "How do you plan on supporting her?". He's great like that. On the way home, I think my brother said the most random thing to me. Megan, you'd get along great with him, lol. So we're driving back on the highway in the rain, listening to the beatles, when out of no where he says, "Do you ever wonder how many cows, pigs, and turkeys there are in the world?" "..." says me. Seriously, I think he might rival you Megan. Really. Of course, he has an explaination for all of this up in his head, but wow.

So now, I'm just sitting here, playing with my new iPod. It's all charged now, and after this cd finishs uploading, I'm gonna stop for the night. But man is this thing fun. And I so need to steal some of my brothers music... and, ahem, music from all of you when I get back, lol.

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas... more updates to come.


So who did ALL of their christmas shopping in one day? ME! I'm soo proud of myself, cause, well, yeah. Thats alot of shopping to do in a single day. It only took a couple hours too... ok, so it did help that I knew pretty much excactly what I was getting everyone, but still. And you know how we think its sick and disgusting that they put the Christmas crap out before halloween? Well, how about putting the valentine crap out before Christmas?! I wanted to vomit. Seriously, thats just ridiculous. And since I probably won't be online too much before Christmas, Merry Christmas everyone!

No wonder I'm single!

You Are A Bad Date!

Sometimes it just seems like your heart isn't in it

At least, not unless the guy is a dead ringer for Brad Pitt (with more money)

You just don't spend enough time wondering if he's having fun...

And newsflash - he probably isn't!

I really don't know how this happened. None of my answers were anything about being selfish... in fact most of them were about being giving and not bitchy at all. I'm so confused... grrr..